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We commit to business practices that are responsible, fair and promote the highest standards of integrity. The secured investment gives you a secured future. Your partner to provide security of tomorrow!

Our values, purpose and future

Our Investment Company

Our commitment and work are backed by our endowment, which allows us to take a long-term view. We all have to start somewhere. We are an international investment firm that supports the most ambitious and talented entrepreneurs and companies to achieve their goals. Creating positive change and positive financial returns all depends on the company you keep.

By working with our employees, we've developed a set of clear values that underpin our culture and enhance a collaborative approach.

With Impact investing, knowing the ‘why’ propels positive change. At the heart of our business are our partners: the entrepreneurs and management teams, the investors in our funds, the advisers and intermediaries.

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Our investment approach

Manage Your Own Investments

Where a business experiences high, sustainable growth, driven by a new source of competitive advantage or due to its strong positioning in a high growth market. We seek to be an active investor to help you realise the full benefit of our vast expertise. We recognize that the business we support need more than capital to scale and grow.

We invest in majority and minority positions, with and without debt – to create the optimal structure for value creation in each company. An investment partnership is one of the most long-lasting meaningful ones in business. That’s why we take time to get to know you. We back businesses empowering people and employment opportunities.

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Our History

We have a portfolio of market-leading companies with high exposure to attractive long-term trends.

We are convinced that competent individuals with different perspectives and experiences make all the difference.


7 years after our company was founded, our mission today is the same - to help people feel confident about their financial future. Global economic crisis drives broad stock market declines.


Strategy & Profit Investments company becomes an independent, publicly-owned company with more than 1,000 advisors and registered representatives and more than two million individual, business and institutional clients.


Strategy & Profit Investments becomes the strong manager of long-term U.S. mutual fund assets.


For the second CONSECUTIVE YEAR, Strategy & Profit Investments recognized as one of the 50 MOST COMMUNITY-MINDED COMPANIES in the United States.


Strategy & Profit Investments has adopted principles that guide us as we build a best-in-class investment management company, resulting in a stable and thriving organization for the long-term benefit of our employees and investors.


Strategy & Profit Investments is a leading investment manager and has been voted Best Discretionary Manager in the US for free years running in the prestigious Moneyfacts Awards.


We have proved that using a professional investment management firm does not need to be difficult or expensive, and by working with Financial Advisers we know the decisions we make are in harmony with the long-term goals and financial plans that investors have agreed with their own trusted adviser.


Historically only available to the very well off, we wanted to make discretionary services accessible for everyday investors. Back in 2013 as a brand-new company, we had no assets under management, no performance track record and no reputation to build on.




Financial Advisors


Years Completed

Powerful and easy-to-use Features

We combine mainstream and impact investments that aim for both a sustainable financial return and a measurable impact.

Classification of Assets: Convertibility

Assets Include

Cash and Equivalents

Accounts Receivable



Patents (intangible asset)

Current Assets

Cash /Cash Equivalents

Short-term Deposits

Marketable Securities

Office Supplies

Inventory / Support

Fixed or Non-Current Assets

Land /Building


Equipment /Support





250 Email Addresses

125GB of Storage

140 Databases

60 Domains

24/7 Unlimited Support



150 Email Addresses

65GB of Storage

60 Databases

30 Domains

24/7 Unlimited Support



250 Email Addresses

125GB of Storage

140 Databases

60 Domains

24/7 Unlimited Support

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